Bitfwd and HiBlock partner together to provide blockchain community service

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Bitfwd and HiBlock partner together to provide blockchain community service.

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What is the community service?

We Build World is a project which provides development services for project founder/funder, you can find us here.

As blockchain project, you would definitely benefit from the community service.

For more information, you can email:

Developer Community Building

This document outlines the different areas HiBlock and bitfwd community support projects and initiatives in the blockchain space. We help the project establish developer community,  build the trust and consensus in wider community through various channels.

Benefits to projects

  1. Project brand awareness at the grassroots community level
  2. Rapid end-user test cycle of project/product hypothesis with community (dev, business, consumer etc)
  3. Highly engaged pool of leads, potential employees, collaborators, various partnerships channels.
  4. Outsourcing work through bounty plan to start building long term organic open source community for your project.

Developer community streams (China & Australia)

  1. Online Promotion – Social media, brand placement throughout our websites, Medium content, github tutorials and codebase, Telegram/WeChat group activation etc.
  2. Offline Promotion – Developer events, General public meetups, technical workshops, (or Blockathon – see in later section)
  3. Developer bounty programs to build product – support projects increase developers capacity.


About bitfwd  bit2(1)

bitfwd is an open-source grassroots community of cypherpunks, blockchain developers, entrepreneurs and decentralised technology enthusiasts. We create blockathons, educational workshops, technical sessions, developer resources and media content to promote the development and adoption of the decentralised web. Our core team is based in Sydney Australia and we have global community collaborations, in countries including: Singapore, China, Australia, New Zealand, Lithuania, U.K.

bitfwd core team has experience working with financial institutions and startups across Australia and Asia as well as regularly collaborating with high profile projects and organization such as the NEM foundation, Nebulas Blockchain, Blockchain Global,  Olympus Labs, Generation Alpha. Our content has been ranking number 1 on google for months with no marketing budget. bitfwd community is run by a unique group of talented people with expertise across computer and software engineering, designers, growth hackers, visionary entrepreneurs, international business people and open source activists.     

About HiBlock  logo-带文字-长方形

HiBlock which fosters a culture of openness, collaboration, transparency, enabling connections and sharing, is committed to building a developer community focused on blockchain technology. We not only promote blockchain to developers, but instead aim to help developers really master blockchain technology and its application. To do this we run online initiatives (such as translating documentation, learning about Ethereum together, learning about EOS together etc), training courses (providing professional blockchain technology training ), and offline events (such as meetups across multiple cities in China), and global blockathons (to bring together global blockchain developers). For more information, visit: