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What is blockathon

Blockathon is emerged by bitfwd and hiblock (2 grass root community) since 2017, and could cover China, Australia, Lithuania etc (500+ developers). There would be a plan to cover more countries in the coming months. More details see past blockathons sections.

Blockathon is a crypto-epic 72 hour competition which aims to tackle real world problems by unleashing the potential of Blockchain Technologies.

Built especially for cypherpunks, hardcore developers, crypto enthusiasts, and all Blockchain pioneers who want to build and create new solutions for the decentralized future.

3 epic days

Submit a team application (5 members max) or join a team on the registration day.

Solve real problems

Use Blockchain + AI + VR + AR + Drones + Self Driving Cars to solve real problems and build cool stuff with awesome people. Such disruption. Much Decentralization. Wow.


Compete for the title of Blockmasters. There will be a mystery prize presented by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Past Blockathons

Customized your blockathon? just leave a message to

Shanghai, 2018-10-19 ~ 2018-10-22

50+ Attendees, 9 awesome projects

Summary (translated by google)

Chengdu, 2018-9-14 ~ 2018-9-16

30+ Attendees, 5 awesome projects

Summary (translated by google)

Lithuania, 2018-7-18

20+ Attendees, 4 awesome projects

Video from youtube (thank Pillar project)

Beijing, 2018-5-25 ~ 2018-5-27

100+ Attendees, 11 awesome projects

Summary (translated by google)

Melbourne, 2018-02-16

40+ Attendees, 5 awesome projects

More info

Sydney, 2017-11-24 ~ 2017-11-26

120 Attendees, 15 awesome projects.

More info

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